My Story

I remember the first time I saw an Ansel Adams photograph, I immediately thought, “I want to do that”. I want to capture the beauty of nature in a photograph. The contrast of the black and white photo was so simple yet expressed so much about that scene and what I can only presume to think Ansel Adams was feeling. Right then and there I fell in love with photography. I remember the feel of my first 35 mm camera. It was heavy and held so much potential for capturing the world through my, literal, lens. I remember the first time I developed my own film in a dark room. The quietness of that room and the glow of the amber light while the image developed before my eyes felt almost as peaceful as the natural environment in which I took the photographs. The room contained the tools to reveal the story that my photographs held.

Over the years, my love of photography has grown and evolved, as has the technology. There is not a nature scene that I don’t pause and eye in wonder at, but I have also found a love for documenting people. An image of a person, of siblings, of a family or of a partnership between two people is such an intimate insight into their lives. Photographs capture moments that turn into cherished memories. Photographs help us see the moments that we may have not been present for or the moments that passed us by too fast. They can show the moment a mother meets her child for the first time, the moment a man says his vows to his wife, or the moment a daughter holds her elderly mother’s hand.

Thank you for considering me to help capture and document the precious and intimate moments of your life.

My Background

I am a mom of three sweet and active kids and two happy-go-lucky pups. I have a loving and fun husband who keeps life interesting. And I am an entrepreneur who is taking her passion and love of photography and creating a business that will help others document the special moments in their lives.

I have a background in fine art, graphic design, nonprofit management and environmental policy. I have been documenting the world through photographs since I laid my hands on my first camera in 1994 and I haven’t stopped since.